Forum OpenACS Development: The automated localization of strings is getting annoying :(


The auto-localization is causing trouble on my forums, where, i.e.:

whoops :) Actually:
... is quite common in Pascal code, so multiple users have discovered the bug already. The're not going to like OpenACS :(

Check out this thread (messages might have been edited already with the workaroubnd though):

What to do about it? I'm both interrested in work-arounds as in to talk about a proper solution.

One workaround is to forget the message key missing message and show the untranslated string. That will work when the hash marks don't surroung a valid message key.
Best solution in my opinion is close to what dave suggests. If you can't find a message key, check if the first part of the key is a valid package_key. If it is not, display the message, if it is display the "message_key" not found error message.

This should help you further, unless you way: