Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Firefox 4 and new Form Validation "Features" (or is that bug!)

This is really bad.

We can not include the novalidate attribute for pages that use the HTML4 doctype, which is the default DTD in OpenACS, or we won't be able to claim WCAG2-AA anymore.

Have you reported it to mozilla?

Not yet. But maybe Michael's comment above deserves some careful evaluation before we do.

Is that to say that a simple change in xowiki might resolve this? I have not tested other forms, I made the mistake of assuming that xowiki simply used the vanilla form-builder behaviour.

Hopefully when Gustaf reads this he will know exactly what to suggest we do.


in firefox, the interpretation of boolean attributes has changed. update xowiki and the problem should be gone.
Oh brilliant. Thank you. I was just searching through html_procs.tcl to find the appropriate bit of code.

On reflection I should really have tried an update before posting. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Just to confirm a cvs update has fixed this.