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5: Re: Xowiki Error (response to 4)
Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
I was able to incrementally upgrade xowiki but a restart did not eliminate the problem.

I even re-installed xowiki without success. Why doesn't the cache rebuild on boot?

6: Re: Xowiki Error (response to 5)
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Not sure, i understand what's your state. I read from the first sentence that the error from the update script went away and you could upgrade; that would mean that ns_cache is apparently working... and then you say, you see the ns_cache error again when you fetch an xowiki page?

When you start the server and invoke then an xowiki page: what is the first error you see in your error.log?

What do you mean by reinstall? a fresh OpenACS installation?

who says, xowiki "rebuilds the cache". During startup of the server, every cache has to be created via ns_cache create.

You started the thread mentioning that you recently witched to aolserver 4.5.1. Are you aware, that this version has a built-in ns_cache? You must not load the nscache .so file in your configuration.

What do you get if you run the url /xotcl/version-numbers on your machine?