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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Do you know where AOLserver was installed? The first things I'd look at are the AOLserver config file and log. The config file is TCL and specifies things like what port AOLserver listens on, what modules to load, etc.

If you don't know where AOLserver is installed, look at the command line used to start the AOLserver service from the Services snap-in - just highlight AOLserver and click the properties button in the toolbar. What is the Path to Executable listed? The -t option specifies your config file.

Look for a "log" directory where AOLserver was installed. If AOLserver has been run, there should be a file in there, probably named "server.log", that will contain information on things like whether AOLserver was able to connect to PostgreSQL. Does the log contain any errors? Does it say something like Notice: nssock: listening on

If there are errors, tell us what they are. If not, try pointing your web browser at that IP address and tell us what you see.