Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Re: Re: ANN: acs-kernel port to MS-SQL Server

Posted by leigh silvester on
Unfortunately "CONNECT BY" is not used by MS SQL.
I have just downloaded the " SwisSQL - Oracle to Sybase Migration Tool" which purports to be able to convert procedures which make use of "CONNECT BY".

Shall see what this can produce.

Posted by John Sequeira on
No 'CONNECT BY' in MS-SQL - that would be too easy(!)

I think the construct you want is called a common table expression (CTE)

I think it's different enough that an automated tool would have some issues... but you might get lucky.

And on that note,  you should check out Microsoft's free Oracle -> MS-SQL migration tool:

They recently purchased it from some specialist firm,  so I expect it works well.

Thanks again for another hot tip.
As this requires connection to an Orcale database to perform migration I am currently installing Oracle lite.

One thing has caused me a little confusion is that I am working from SQL for the latest version, whereas you performed migration on an older version.

Consequently the procedures that I am struggling to recreate in MS SQL do not exist in the Oracle version (seem to be present as package components operating in a different way), but are present in the Postgres SQL.
All very confusing.

Shall be interested to see how this migration tool copes with the oracle packages and associated methods.

I know this is probably the wrong place to say it, and I know it is because I am a simple soul who is just starting to get a little out of his depth here, but Oracle is just too f@#$~]g weird! I'm sure it is fantastic once you get to know it.