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2: Re: "pop-up" form values (response to 1)
Posted by Jeff Rogers on
Looks like an "image" form input - the x and y values are the coordinates clicked on the image. This can be used for server-side image maps, but I think almost no one uses those any more.
3: Re: "pop-up" form values (response to 2)
Posted by Torben Brosten on
Jeff, yeah, they look like x,y coordinates, but I'm fairly certain I added them to test timing/performance somewhere in the internals where I wasn't sure if ns_log would work, perhaps in the tcl library of aolserver..

Anyway, this is a great example nightmare of why to always provide clear comments with any diagnostic code; and to leave the comments there until 100% of the diagnostic code is removed.

4: Re: "pop-up" form values (response to 3)
Posted by Dave Bauer on
Nope! The source shows it is an image input type so that's why you are seeing the x and y.

Generally you'd use CSS or an img tag with link and javascript click handler to submit the form instead of image input type.

This behavior depends on the browser they all behave slightly differently.