Forum OpenACS CMS: OpenACS as CMS in Brazil, new site

Hello friends from OpenACS.

I Work at MDA (, a ministery of Brazilian Government. Here, we had working with OpenACS since 2007 and this week we launched a new version of our website, totally developed with OpenACS. It is used by us as CMS, and internally, as very large systems of information. AS CMS we have a lot of websites as: (main site - new layout)

Well is this, i only want to notice to our international community that here, in Brazil, have some projects that work very well with OpenACS.

thanks for your attention, and if someone have some sugestion will be nice. Excuse me by my english but i'm learning yet, :)

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Bravo, Breno Assunção!

Consider adding an entry or two to: to show as an example of where OpenACS is used.



Posted by Victor Guerra on
Excellent news Breno, thanks for sharing with the community!
Posted by groupon clone on
Great work Breno Assunção i appreciate it that you shared it with us..