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I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions here. Please let me know if I should forward it to PO forums.

My system configuration wasn't working somehow, and now I've found the problem: the table im_dynfield_layout is empty.

I was following the isntructions trying to create Internal company and I got the following error:

Error with callback '_form_fill':

When I got to the code I saw that line 1114 in intranet-dynfield/tcl/intranet-dynfield-procs.tcl having the following operation:

db_foreach attributes $attributes_sql {

# Check if the elements as disabled in the layout page
if {$page_url_exists_p && "" == $page_url} { continue }

This query is making that object_type var is set to null value. I've dig into the SQL files and I couldn't find insert in default layouts for im_companies. Did I miss something?

I can also see this message in my /intranet-dynfield/ URL:

There are invalid DynFields in the system for the following object types.
These DynFields won't be shown.
im_company: default_bill_template_id
im_company: default_delnote_template_id
im_company: default_invoice_template_id
im_company: default_payment_days
im_company: default_payment_method_id
im_company: default_po_template_id
im_company: default_vat
im_invoice: canned_note_id
im_material: file_type_id
im_project: final_company
Please check these DynFields and make sure that every DynField has a "Pos-Y" value
by editing the DynField and specifying a value. You can use '0' as a default.

Can you give me any guidance on this?

Hi Eduardo,

Sorry, I've seen your questions only right now.
Is the issue still open?

In the mean time V4.0.4 has been released as the "official" V4.0 version, and PostgreSQL 8.4 is the default database both on Linux and on Windows.