Forum OpenACS Development: Oracle Testing of OpenACS 5.2.x packages

There has been a bit of a problem because there aren't any optional packages in the 5.2 repository. Many of the packages are running fine on and upgrade cleanly on PostgreSQL.

As far as I know, none of the optional packages have been tested on Oracle and at least forums has one index on PostgreSQL that isn't on Oracle so an upgrade script is in order.

If anyone can help with either 1) new install on 5.2 of optional packages or 2) upgrade to 5.2 of optional packages, that would be great.

I am going to install Oracle and try to test myself but since its going to take a while to just download and install it, and then perform testing, it would be faster with some help.


Posted by Janine Ohmer on

I can put my Oracle install files on alex or george, if that would help, but I can't commit any time to testing right now. One of our contractors left unexpectedly for a Real Job and I'm up to my *ahem* in alligators right now, even more than usual.

I have done four 5.2.2 Oracle installs and found only a couple of small install errors, in calendar and workflow, which I intend to commit fixes to. I haven't actually used any of the packages yet, though, so don't take that too seriously.


I've just committed a fix for calendar ( I see your post after.