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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Does anyone know where can i find the most updated contacts pakcages?
It's on cvs head or cvs branch? Whether it's located, what's the link. I can't find on browsing on the website
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Posted by Michael Steigman on
It's in CVS (HEAD) but it's under active development and has a lot of package dependencies. I know some have managed to install it and play around with it. No ETA afiak but maybe Malte can comment.
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Posted by Matthew Geddert on
It is under active development (by Me and Malte and his crew). We have it running in production here - which admittedly is a bit bleeding edge and I wouldn't recommend doing so unless you really understand both contacts and ams so you can fix annomolys and bugs as the pop up within a few minutes. We've actually had it in production for about 6 months now... To play with it, or for personal us, HEAD installs nicely on a standard 5.2.2 site with package dependencies taken care of by HEAD. Since i'm in production, and i'm pretty sure one of Malte's clients is as well, we do ensure that the sql and tcl upgrade scripts work (since we need them ourselves)... so if you aren't going into production with a bunch of staff, or for a client, you could try it out.

Once Malte and I finish our current projects I think I'll try to get an official release out, but its my impression that neither of us feel an urgent need to do so since its working for our clients.

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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I second Matthew, with the minor change that it is in production at two client sites at the moment.

Mayor changes for client as of lately: Search for users by birthday (instead of birthdate) and help text in AMS attributes.

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Posted by Ben Koot on
Isn't there anything the comunity can do to help you guys to speed up the process. I am detecting an increasing interest for the accounting functions, which all rely upon the contacts package.

Maybe it would help if the bottlenecks would be published, so folks can jump in to clear.

Just a newbie thought

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Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Two things are needed:

- Someone using the system who assumes that he will stumble across errors and reports them back on the ticket tracker, not expecting that it will be fixed immediately, though we will try to fix show stoppers.

- Documentation both for AMS and contacts. Though I should be able to answer questions every odd day with regards to usage, I would only do so if I could be sure that my answers will make it into a documentation.

Well, and the obvious third one:

- Oracle support.

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Posted by Ben Koot on
I volunteer to be test user, provided you get me installed.
send a mail to for access to my virtual server. I am creating a new company, and have an interesting international accounting challenge as I am creating global subscription based weblog service. My installation is available to other OACS developers, interested to contribute.

Since I am not a hacker, I think I am your ideal scapegoat ;-)