Forum OpenACS Q&A: XoWiki embeded news adp?

Posted by Paul Babin on

Currently working on a project that requires multiple news instances and I would like to embed the output of each instance in separate xowiki page instances.

I've looked through the manual and took a look in the portlets directory in /packages/xo-wiki/www/portlets and I noticed that there wasn't a news portlet included.

I was curious if anyone else has attempted this and if they were successful? (didn't see anything listed in the forums) Also is the news portlet found at related to this issue or something totally different?

Thank you very much in advance.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Are you using dotlrn (which has a dotlrn portlet named news-portlet) or plain OpenACS?

Do you want to get the output of an existing OpenACS news instance into xowiki, or do you just want to get "news-functionality" into xowiki? In the latter case, there is e.g. an option, which is based on form-pages and do not require an additional package.

The news-portlet page in xowiki just summarizes some statistics about the dotlrn-news package, xowiki just displays the summary information similar other packages like e.g.

Posted by Paul Babin on

Thank you for the reply and time. We are not using dotlrn just plain OpenACS. I took a look at the "news functionality" and it is useful; however, my intention was to get the output of an existing OpenACS news instance into xowiki. Is this currently possible?

If not, I'll utilize the "news functionality" that you pointed out.

Posted by Paul Babin on

**For anyone that might stumble across this in the future.

This is possible. I was basically looking for a way to embed an adp page in xowiki instance.

To embed any dynamic content from one of your packages into xowiki - do the following:

  1. Copy all pertinent files (adp, tcl and xql - if applicable) to xxxx/packages/xowiki/www.
    • Pro tip - I recommend creating a special folder for includes to make it easier to copy and past when and if you update openacs.
  2. If you have an xql file, make sure to reload the xowiki package.
  3. Reference the adp file in your xowiki page using xxxx/packages/xowiki/www as the path (ie. if I had a file named news at xxxx/packages/xowiki/www/news.adp {{adp news}} or xxxx/packages/xowiki/www/includes/news.adp {{adp includes/news.adp}}