Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: XoWiki embeded news adp?

Posted by Paul Babin on

**For anyone that might stumble across this in the future.

This is possible. I was basically looking for a way to embed an adp page in xowiki instance.

To embed any dynamic content from one of your packages into xowiki - do the following:

  1. Copy all pertinent files (adp, tcl and xql - if applicable) to xxxx/packages/xowiki/www.
    • Pro tip - I recommend creating a special folder for includes to make it easier to copy and past when and if you update openacs.
  2. If you have an xql file, make sure to reload the xowiki package.
  3. Reference the adp file in your xowiki page using xxxx/packages/xowiki/www as the path (ie. if I had a file named news at xxxx/packages/xowiki/www/news.adp {{adp news}} or xxxx/packages/xowiki/www/includes/news.adp {{adp includes/news.adp}}