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Posted by Dario Roig on
Hello. In the University of Valencia we are trying to install naviserver with openacs (5.3). We are interested about the "small layer for the openacs". Can we find this code in de CVS?
On the other hand, we have not found the nsldap module.

Thanks to share our experiences

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
the mentioned layer is in part in the naviserver distribution (aolserver-openacs.tcl) and part in OpenACS (guarded by

if {[ns_info name] eq "NaviServer"}

). See e.g. acs-tcl/tcl/utilities-procs.tcl. the naviserver support is quite a long time in OpenACS, but was improved over the years. i am not sure about the state of OpenACS 5.3, my recommendation is to upgrade to a more recent version.

In other words, for the layer, there is nothing extra to install.

Concerning nsldap: A few days ago, I have added a nsldap module adjusted to the C-api of naviserver to the bitbucket repository.

Best regards

-gustaf neumann