Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: How does the home page work?

Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Install Developer Support. It is nearly magical in its ability to help you figure out what is going on.
Posted by David Lee on
I was having trouble installing Developer Support. Since ACS 5.2 doesn't have a fully loaded repository yet, I have to load it from the CVS. I tried following the instructions in the documentation on installing from the CVS, but I think I must be missing a step. This is what I typed in:

cvs co -r oacs-5-1 acs-developer-support

It installed a series of things. However, when I went to "Install Software" and "From local repository", the acs-developer-support package wasn't there.

I'm a little confused because I installed things from CVS before and it worked out. I must be forgetting something...does anyone know?

Posted by Ryan Gallimore on
I didn't realize the 5.2 repo was not fully loaded. Checking out acs-developer-support should work without a problem. Make sure you are checking it out from the /packages/ directory logged in as your openacs user.

Then you'll want to click on the Install Software link from inside the APM.

My test of a checkout seemed to work ok.