Forum OpenACS Q&A: ]po[ V4.0.3.3-Beta1 Windows with PostgreSQL folded in


The first Windows beta of ]project-open[ V4.0 is ready. Our V4.0 release is terrible late (it was schedules already a year ago...), but that has allowed us to modify the Windows


This new installer has the following features:
- Includes OpenACS 5.7 and XoWiki as a base.
- A complete CygWin environment is included now. You can even SSH into your Windows box now.
- PostgreSQL 8.4 is now part of the installer as opposed to be installed by a "sub-installer". This way the uninstall is cleaner and all files end up in a single directory.
- A new "Service Manager" tray icon app allows to check the status of AOLserver and PostgreSQL and to restart the services. Windows "power user" will like this a lot...

We've tested on several environments already (Windows 7, Server 2008, Server
2003) and had no problems so far. Just watch out with permissions if you modify the code in the /packages/ folder.

The installer is based on the Windows OpenACS/]po[ installer from Maurizio Martignano, both in terms of AOLserver and the NSIS installer. Maurizio and I are discussing whether the inclusion of CygWin and PostgreSQL is a desirable feature or not. Do you have an opinion on this?