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Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Ryan wrote:
...I followed your directions and XoTcl installed to 5.1.5 without error via the APM. But when I browse to /xotcl I get the following error:

invalid command name "::xotcl::Class"
while executing

Hmm, in my instruction, installing from apm is not mentioned. A couple of weeks ago, i switched from releasing via .apm to releasing via CVS due to various requests from the community. The actual version of the various xotcl modules is in CVS head, and not in the .apm files.

However, this is not likely to be the problem you are facing, the error message does not seem to be version dependent. "::xotcl::Class" is a built-in command xotcl, so in your installation xotcl is not loaded. This points to a problem in step 1 from the above installation instructions.