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XOTcl Core

What is xotcl-core

xotcl-core is an OpenACS package, which provides base functionality for OpenACS applications using XOTcl. The xotcl-core package is used by several other OpenACS packages such as the XOTcl request monitor, XoWiki, XoWiki Content Flow, S5 or the Learning Content Tool.

Install xotcl-core

First, get xotcl-core from the OpenACS repository:

cd /tmp
cvs co openacs-4/packages/xotcl-core

Move xotcl-core to the directory, where your OpenACS packages are stored. We assume, this directory is /usr/local/openacs-4/packages

mv /tmp/openacs-4/packages/xotcl-core /usr/local/openacs-4/packages

 Next, go to acs-admin/apm (http://YOURSERVER/acs-admin/apm/), choose "install-packages" and install XOTcl Core. Finally, restart the server.

svc -t /service/${yourservice}

Now you can browse  http://YOURSERVER/xotcl

Functionality of xotcl-core

xotcl-core defines several classes for

  • library dependencies
  • package management
  • debugging
  • security and policy management
  • HTTP client and server functionality
  • Object Relational Database Interface
  • ical formatting
  • cluster management
  • chat handlers

and several utilities.

Tutorial xotcl-core

 See slides

Code metrics and Package Description


Package Specification Summary for Package: xotcl-core

Summary: XOTcl library functionality (e.g. thread handling, online documentation, Generic Form and List Classes)
Description: <pre> This component contains some core functionality for OpenACS applications using XOTcl. It includes XOTcl thread handling for OpenACS (supporting persistent and volatile threads) and a definitions for documenting XOTcl object, classes and methods integrated with the API-browser of OpenACS. Documented procs and instproc an be created using the methods ad_proc and ad_instproc. This component provides as well an XOTcl Object and Class browser, as well as means to control the recreation of objects and classes when components are reloaded. Features: - oo-abstraction with caching (acs-objects and cr-items/revisions) - single and multi instantiations (turn all tuples into objects) - object life-time support (automatic cleanup when needed after request) - proxy objects for stored procedures/functions (PostgreSQL and Oracle) - db-abstraction for PostgreSQL and Oracle (e.g. query composition) - context-management: context objects for (connections and db-queries) - security policies - GUI and DOM support (via tdom) - support for XOTcl and NX </pre>
Maturity: Mature
This package depends on: acs-kernel acs-bootstrap-installer acs-templating acs-api-browser acs-content-repository acs-tcl acs-admin
Packages that depend on xotcl-core: richtext-ckeditor5 rrd-tool xooauth xotcl-request-monitor xowf xowiki
Package parameters:
Allow redirections of nslog. The redirector filters ns_log messages and sends these not only to the error log (standard behavior) but also to ds_comments in the developer support. This way, a developer can view the log messages for the current request directly in the browser when the developer support is activated, without having to watch the log file. The value of 0 means "no redirecting" (deactivation), 1 means "redirecting errors", 2 means "redirect errors and notices" (default 0, type number, scope instance)
Size of the ns_cache xotcl_object_cache (used for caching XOTcl objects fetched from the database) (default 400000, type number, scope instance)
Size of the ns_cache xotcl_object_type_cache (used for caching types of XOTcl objects) (default 10000, type number, scope instance)

Bug Tracker Summary for Package: xotcl-core

Open Bugs: 6
All Tracked Issues: 19
Latest Bug Opened: 2019-09-12 Get all children using with_descendants in CrClass->instance_select_query
Latest Bug Fixed: 2020-05-12 Move is_package_root_folder up in class hierarchy to CrItem.
Top Bug Submitters: Michael Aram (16) Avni Khatri (1) Claudio Pasolini (1) Vlad V (1)
Top Bug Fixers: Gustaf Neumann (14)

Code Metrics Summary for Package: xotcl-core

# Tcl Procs 29
# Tcl Lines 16145
# Tcl Blank Lines 1449
# Tcl Comment Lines 3534
# Automated Tests 13
# Stored Procedures PG: 0 ORA: 0
# SQL Lines PG: 0 (blank 1 comments 0) ORA: 0 (blank 1 comments 0)
# ADP pages 4
# ADP lines 90
# Include pages (xotcl-core/lib/) 1
# Documentation pages 0
# Documentation lines 0
Browse Source API-browser
Github Repository:

The OpenACS package xotcl-core requires in versions of OpenACS before 5.3 the following patches for the documentation procs and the bootstrap installer:

cd /tmp

To apply these patches, go to the directory, where the OpenACS packages are stored. We assume, this directory is /usr/local/openacs-4/packages. 

cd /usr/local/openacs-4/packages
 patch -p 0 < /tmp/acs-api-documentation-procs.patch
 patch -p 0 < /tmp/acs-bootstrap-installer.patch

Both patches do not harm in case XOTcl is not installed. Now reload these packages or restart the server.

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