Forum OpenACS Improvement Proposals (TIPs): Re: TIP: Composable rel types

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Hi Michael,

i think we have similar goals: to provide for large organization scalable, differentiated and somewhat decentralized membership- and rights management. It seems to me as if the existing code base of OpenACS was developed in various layers (the often deeply nested views), competing concepts (e.g. groups and memberships rels) and APIs (and existing APIs often not used, e.g. in www directories of the admin pages of subsite and friends). Dealing with these code layers is probably the bigger issue than the original problem.

We (mostly victor) have already done some work with membership management and recursive queries that could be used as a basis. Probably, the easiest path might be

- define intended semantics based on recursive queries
- define stored procedures and a new tcl-api
- mark existing infrastruture as deprecated and replace it stepwise
- for the existing sql-structures/queries/api, one has to maintain the materialized tables and triggers for a while (similar as for the recursive queries we did for permissions)
- we have to maintain the existing sql-structures/queries/api for Oracle as well, although i would expect that porting the recursive queries to Oracle is straightforward.

As for the TIP:
- as it is, it does not hurt
- we should make clear that it is not recommended to pursue this way in the future, but to see this tip as a transitory step
- i would recommend to set the flag to false for all reltypes

having this said, i approve if it helps you in a transitional phase...