Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Rewrite of the .sql files of acs-core and some commonly used packages

Have your read the large warning about INST in the README file of newer version of nspostgres:

NOTE NOTE NOTE!! As of aolserver-4.5.x, the variable INST is used for
a different purpose than it used to be, so DO NOT set it to the installation dir!!

Probably, when you remove INST from your "install" line, the error will go away.

anyhow. can it be, that you are *not* using the head version of openacs for installation?

Yeah, I wrote that :)

You're right on both statements:

1. I removed INST. make and make install ran fine.

2. The version I downloaded is broken (from OACS main page). I downloaded oacs5.7 from CVS Head then the process installation worked fine.

We need to remove this link from the main page of OACS website ASAP.

Iuri, these are good news.

openacs 5.7 does NOT work with pg 9+ (see e.g.; also mentions explicitly openacs 5.8.

We should bundle a release of openacs 5.8 rather soon now to avoid more confusions.

all the best
-gustaf neumann