Forum OpenACS Q&A: ]project-open[ is in the SourceForge Community Choice Awards


]project-open[ is now ranked #27 of the 115,496 projects on SourceForge. So I guess it's probably the most "popular"

What happened to the Forum? The second part of the post is gone. Here is the continuation:

There is a Community Choice Awards nomination going on now and it would be really cool if you could support us. Just go to and click on the Finance icon. That's were we've got reasonable chances to actually win.

And winning a CCA will also be a lot of publicity for OpenACS, because we've got OpenACS everywhere in our documentation now.

Thanks in advance!

I see that project-open is also listed in the 'Enterprise' category, and that Tcl is listed in the 'Hardware' category. In case people want to vote...
Nice to see that project-open is doing so well in sourceforge!
I just nominated project-open a couple of times just then.
Tcl is listed in both "Hardware" and "Desktop".