Forum OpenACS Q&A: removing h1 header tag on slave

Posted by Trevis Rothwell on
(Also posted on the OpenACS CMS forum, but this forum seems more active, so posting again.)  :-)



I'm brand new to OpenACS, but a fan of PhilG's writings, and decided to give it a try.

Using EditThisPage, I made a few test pages, and am now trying to make my own custom master template.

My question is:  how can I get rid of the h1 header tag that shows the title, when using the slave tag?  I want to print the title differently, and do not want it to be auto-printed with the slave tag.

I have been searching the docs and using Google, but have yet to turn up the answer to this (possibly very simple) question.


-- Trevis Rothwell

Posted by Claudio Pasolini on
If you are using the standard templates (blank-master.adp, site-master.adp and default-master.adp) the title is output by default-master.adp, wich is therefore the one you should customize.
Posted by Trevis Rothwell on
Thank you!

I puzzled over this one for several days, then I suddenly saw what I was doing wrong.  I don't understand how I overlooked that so many times, but, well, hey!  :-)

Thanks again.

Posted by Dario Roig on
Hello! If you are using the theme zen, in the file


You need comment this line:
!-- <h1></h1> --