Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Errors Upgrading from 5.5 to 5.6 (function apm__register_parameter)

i repeat the question asked already several times: during the "Kernel 5.6.0 install", does the system load the upgrade scripts? you have not answered this question so far... my guess is, that it does not. but why? can it be that you have during the "upgrade" to 5.6.0 a database that believes that it is on the 5.6 level? what is the version number of the kernel (from acs-admin/apm) before you run the upgrade to 5.6.0?

Of course, the manual upgrade works. this is, what i have already at the begin of the thread [1]

all the best
-gustaf neumann


oh! Sorry, definitely NOT. As you said It seems to be that was not loaded. I don't know why.

During upgrade from 5.5.1 (I did that without problem via "Upgrade from Repository" to 5.6 (I did that via "overwrite oacs filesystem" and "fresh oacs filesystem" also).

This is my data:

---- Kernel and TCL versions-----
* Now:
Kernel 5.5.0d6
Tcl Library 5.5.0d2

* After "Upgrade From Repository" (acs-admin/install/install?repository_url=...)
Kernel 5.5.1
Tcl Library 5.5.1

* After "overwrite files from 5.6.0 Full Tar File". I mean: cp -r openacs-5.6.0/* myopenacs
acs-kernel Kernel 5.6.0 (Apperently Worked Fine)

---- Data ----

Installing Kernel 5.6.0

Installing data model for Kernel 5.6.0...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d1-5.6.0d2.sql...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d2-5.6.0d3.sql...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d3-5.6.0d4.sql...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d4-5.6.0d5.sql...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d5-5.6.0d6.sql...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d6-5.6.0d7.sql... Apparently was loaded
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d7-5.6.0d8.sql...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0b1-5.6.0b2.sql...
Loading data model /Users/cesareox/Documents/openacs-dev/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0b2-5.6.0b3.sql...
Installed Kernel, version 5.6.0.

Package enabled.

There is a "side-error" I put it here if can affect. When I was checking Kernel Version (from /acs-admin/), page was broken with this error:

Database operation "0or1row" failed
(exception ERROR, "ERROR: column "scope" does not exist
LINE 5: and scope = 'global';

while executing
"ns_pg_bind 0or1row nsdb1 {
select count(*)
from apm_parameters
where package_key = :package_key
and scope = 'global'
("uplevel" body line 1)
invoked from within
"uplevel $ulevel [list ns_pg_bind $type $db $sql]"

This "side-error" dissappear if I "load manually" upgrade-5.6.0d6-5.6.0d7.sql
Finally I couldn't resolve this. The only option I've found was to load the script containing apm__register_parameter "manually". I mean, doing ...
psql -f packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d6-5.6.0d7.sql

After Kernel 5.6 was installed (it seems to be a problem with my data).

What I did:
1. Upgrade from Repository (5.5.0d6 to 5.5.1) (PG 8.4.17 and Aolserver 4.5)
2. Overwrite from openacs-5.6.0 I mean cp -r openacs-5.6.0/ myopenacs (5.5.1 to 5.6.0)
3. Install from acs-admin/apm/packages-install
Firstly Kernel, then TCL/Authentication/Service Contracts then rest of packages
Errors (after Kernerl Install): apm__register_parameter (so I had to load it manually):
psql -f $SERVER_ROOT/openacs-5.6.0/packages/acs-kernel/sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-5.6.0d6-5.6.0d7.sql

3. Upgrade from Repository (but everything seems fine)
4. Overwrite from openacs-5.7.0 (cp -r ...)
5. Install from acs-admin/apm/packages-install
Errors: none
5. Upgrade from Repository (but everything seems fine)
6. Overwrite from openacs-5.8.0 (cp -r ...)
7. Install from acs-admin/install/
Error: a minor one[1]

Thanks so much Gustaf for your support (and the big effort throught 5.8)

[1]. I had an error installing from acs-admin/apm/packages-install :
" ...
can't read "pvt_home_url": no such variable
while executing
"set pvt_home_url")
... "

Then I used acs-admin/install/ and everything was fine