Forum OpenACS Development: Re: openacs-5.8.0 - packages-install.tcl file does not exist.

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Jamshed

this appears to be a very old issue to do with dotLRN versions and permissions. See this thread It's quite strange that you got this error on a fresh install. Is it really a fresh installation?


i download this recently using the link at

Link under Download Now section points to:

I did download the very same openacs-5.8.0.tar.gz file and used it successfully in few installations on top of my distribution Windows-OpenACS, version 2.1.

I guess something in your etc/config.tcl (or any other config file you are using) is wrong. But cannot be sure about that without looking at your actual system.


The only change i have made to default config.tcl is as follows:
a. Can you provide a sample of your config.tcl file just to compare with mine.
b. Does your installation contains "openacs\packages\acs-bootstrap-installer\installer\packages-install" file.

Running Openacs from: c:\aolserver

c:\aolserver\bin\nsd.exe -ft c:/aolserver/servers/openacs/etc/config.tcl

set server                    "openacs"
set servername                "New OpenACS Installation - Development"

set env(AOLDIR)                  [file dirname [file dirname [info nameofexec]]]
set winaoldir                [string tolower $env(AOLDIR)]
set unixaoldir                [string map {\\ /} ${winaoldir}]
set serverroot                "${unixaoldir}/servers/${server}"
append env(PATH)             [file nativename "$env(AOLDIR)/pgsql/bin"]

shedis [a.t.] gmail [d.o.t.] com

I'm just answering your second question:
of course the installation does not (DOES NOT) contain that file. I already said that in my previous posts. :-( :-( :-(

I will send you an example of "config.tcl" that is working for me, but this is it.

This is not a Windows-OpenACS issue, and if you need any further help, you can ask me to provide you with some professional support.


Thank you Maurizio, :-)

Over the weekend I tried to compare my working system with this non-working one. And found the cause of this, it was to do with my windows OS regional settings. I set it United States and things started to work.

Aagain, please accept my sincere appreciation for helping me.