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Posted by Iuri Sampaio on

I believe I found the problem. acs-mail-lite wasn't planned to work with smarthost. Malte has written it without think about that. My OACS box ( has to send email in the name of

As Postfix works properly with "mail" command line thus I addressed the problem to a TCL misconfiguration. Then, I started to track down the entire workflow for having an email packaged and delivered to postfix.

Here it is:

acs_mail_lite::send > acs_mail_lite::send_immediately > -originator >> acs_mail_lite::bounce_address > acs_mail_lite::address_domain > acs_mail_lite::smtp

Within ad_proc [acs_mail_lite::address_domain] there's a chunk which's responsible to assign originator's swtich. See bellow.

set domain [parameter::get_from_package_key -package_key "acs-mail-lite" -parameter "BounceDomain"]

if { $domain eq "" } {
regsub {http://} [ns_config ns/server/[ns_info server]/module/nssock hostname] {} domain

return $domain

Moreover, whether "BounceDomain" acs-mail-lite parameter is null or isn't properly assigned. It assumes by default the current domain, which in this case is and it's not the correct one.

I'm not sure if that's the case to ammend acs-mail-lite core. It seems the problem's solved and now I have to deal with Hostgator mailing provider.

p.s. Now that Brazil's lost its chance to be World Cup Champion 2014 (with a historical score!!) I had more time and motivation to dig into that issue.

-- to the Deutsches (Malte, Frank, Klaus...): I wish you guys to be the 1st. Germany has strongly and well trained for that. Best of luck!

6: Re: Set up acs-mail-lite (response to 5)
Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Perhaps, parameter SMTPHost would be the one which should be used to set domain's TCL variable.

But then, we must make sure we're not breaking anything else that uses ad_proc acs_mail_lite::address_domain.

I'd need to dig further to be more assertive.