Forum OpenACS Development: Is the OpenACS Patch Tracker (part of Bug Tracker) still being used?

I have a couple of interrelated questions...:

  1. Is the OpenACS Patch Tracker still being used to submit enhancements to OpenACS that seem too small to be TIPs?
  2. ... if not, maybe the wording at should be modified to reflect the fact that patches are for bugs only. Furthermore, if the patch tracker is not used, it begs the question: should I submit suggested enhancements as a "Bug" with the "Bug Type" set to "Suggestion" and the "Severity" set to "6 - Enhancement"?
  3. ... if not, should I always just submit a TIP, no matter how simple the enhancement is? (and maybe reference the patch from the TIP if it is a big change?)

For example, I think there should be a proc for resolving a host name into an IP address without throwing an error when the name does not exist. This would be a new proc of 6 lines or so. As such, the TIP process seems to be overkill.

I would say, the preferred way is (2). Most of the patches are accompanied by issues, and as there are "suggestions" entry types i see no reason for having different channels.

For the suggestion of the host-node-map: sure, it is a useful extension to check the name lookup, at least for the near future. In general the host-node-map has several shortcomings and needs some rethinking. In particular it should be integrated with the virtual server capabilities of nsd, but that is a larger project.

just my 2c

I think it would be even better if the host-node-map was integrated completely into the site-map or at least linked from there. The most notable actual short-comings that I've noticed are the inability to have more than 1 name associated with the root node and the inability to explicitly link the root node to the hostname from nssock and nsopenssl modules.