Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Is the OpenACS Patch Tracker (part of Bug Tracker) still being used?

I would say, the preferred way is (2). Most of the patches are accompanied by issues, and as there are "suggestions" entry types i see no reason for having different channels.

For the suggestion of the host-node-map: sure, it is a useful extension to check the name lookup, at least for the near future. In general the host-node-map has several shortcomings and needs some rethinking. In particular it should be integrated with the virtual server capabilities of nsd, but that is a larger project.

just my 2c

I think it would be even better if the host-node-map was integrated completely into the site-map or at least linked from there. The most notable actual short-comings that I've noticed are the inability to have more than 1 name associated with the root node and the inability to explicitly link the root node to the hostname from nssock and nsopenssl modules.