Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Solution Grove Releases Web 2.0 Page Demo and Tutorials

WooHoo!! Roc, did you just volunteer to integrate this UI with the portals used in dotLRN?

We hope this demo will inspire more use of Ajax and mashups. Much of this work was client funded and our client’s requirements didn’t warrant dotLRN (he just wanted one page, no groups, etc). We are happy to share code but really don’t want to promote yet another portal-like package.

Our goal is to make it clear that you can have your cake and eat it to. You don’t have to leave behind all the functionality of OpenACS to get the cool new features of Web 2.

BTW, the client that funded this work is a corporate client who would not want their name on the board. However, they have done OpenACS a favor and they could use a favor. Does anyone know someone who is an expert at installing Flash Streaming Server? The client has bought it and we are having some difficulties with installation. We would be happy to pay for a few hours of consulting from someone who has experience with this installation.