Forum OpenACS Q&A: Company details, Employees and Client Contacts

Just trying to understand there entities:
Client Contacts - Сompany relation is more a CRM issue.
But what is Employees - Company relation.
I noticed that if I do not add Project Manager as Employee to a client company record, he is not able to see company details under his account.

What is employees under Company details?

Posted by Frank Bergmann on
Hi Andrew,

Is it possible that your question refers to ]project-open[? Then please look at for help.

This OpenACS forum is about the _underlying_ Web framework that is used by ]project-open[. However, the community members here usually don't know much about the details of using ]po[.

To answer your questions: The Employee - Company relationship give the employee the permission to read the particular object (company, project or office).

A user (no matter whether employee or customer) can see the objects (companies, projects, offices) where he or she is a member.

For details please check in Google for "project-open permissions". You'll find several PPTs with more information.