Forum .LRN Q&A: Question concerning some stray i18n keys

One of my assignments from the .LRN meeting this past Tuesday was to resolve translation conflicts in the German translation. I have completed all but 4:

Message Key [English GermanNew GermanOld]
file-storage._Copy [File Datei Akte]
file-storage._Delete [File Datei Akte]
file-storage._Move [File Datei Akte]
file-storage._Rename [File Datei Akte]

Victor, could you please check these out and make sure nothing is amiss on the translation server.

I did a quick grep of a slightly stale cvs checkout I have on the notebook I am writing this from and could not find these keys. Hopefully they are just unused keys and this is nothing to worry about.

Posted by Victor Guerra on
Hi Carl,
your right, i just checked for message keys not used
in file-storage and there is a bunch of message keys
not used ( those you mention in your post included ).
So dont worry about them, i'll eliminate those
before exportting and committing the catalogs.

Thanks for resolving the conflicts for German.

Victor Guerra.

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Thanks for double checking Victor.