Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: dotFolio Portfolios in a separate subsite and not in main subsite

I think it doesn't make sense for a user to have more then one dotFOLIO. To me that goes against the point of the package.

Thus is a user is likely to be a member of more then one group dotFOLIO should be mounted at the top level. Example a traditional university where studnets take multiple courses.

However, If you are running a site where you are creating dotFOLIOS for a use case like multiple schools, where an advisor might be a member of more then one group(school) but you expect it to be very rare that a student is, then I think multiple dotFOLIO mounts might make sense.

Caroline, then I obviously do not quite unterstand the point of the package. Is it documented somewhere? I think I could grasp things better when I understood what the four roles are meant for. Can you tell me (or give a ref)?
Hi Aernout,

Have you looked at

Yes, but still don't quite understand what staff and guest roles are meant to be.