Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: xotcl installation problem

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Dear Damon, you said
I installed xotcl 1.4.0 binary per instruction
Which binary? I am not aware of any binary installing xotcl as a openacs module. After the installation of xotcl (i.e. after the make install-aol, you should have a file .../aolserver4/modules/tcl/xotcl.tcl and .../aolserver4/lib/libxotcl* and in the same directory the directory with the serializer.

When you start the server, you should see a message like
01/May/2006:23:55:52][15217.2684415384][-main-] Notice: XOTcl version 1.4.1 loaded

The other messages are due to the fact that xotcl is not correctly installed.

Posted by damon pin on
Dear Gustaf,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply, I unpacked the xotcl-1.4.0-bin-linux-i686-glibc.tar.gz binary
to the /usr and didn't install xotcl as a openacs module.

I followed your xowiki doc at

and installation goes smoothly.

XOwiki is a greate package, I am planning to use it for our IT documentaiton. If there is a nice print feature, it will make my life a lot happier :-)