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Posted by Dario Roig on
Hi Olga!

In the University of Valencia we use Respondus to carry out test in format IMS QTI and to import them to assessment.

The URL of help pages is:
In this link your donwload one example

Recently we have found a software open source that exports in format QTI ( but not work with assessment.


Hi Dario

In the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, we are working with respondus for create tests in format IMS QTI and we import them in the assessment package, but we have a problem because it not save the evaluation's percent score in the table "as_sessions" and neither the section's points.

Or this values are saved in other table?

If you know something about it, please help me.



are you able to see the individual question points/score?

I am wondering if this is an IMS QTI import problem or just a display issue (or maybe both).

I have noticed that individual questions show points and that the section does not show them correctly. We will fix that over the next few days.

Please post any assessment bugs you find in the OpenACS bug tracker. We will be fixing this in .LRN 2.2.b1 for the next release iteration (so please test that version if possible).

We will also be checking and updating the feedback portions as we go (noticed some problems with that too).