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I have a patch (#324) for the 4.5 release. An error was thrown when attempting to view another user's bookmarks. (Using PostgreSQL 7.1.3.). I *think* I've gotten it, but would appreciate feedback.

There's still something fishy with Bookmarks and Postgres. I can add a bookmark to another user's bookmarks file, which doesn't quite seem like the desired behavior. I'll look for THAT one tomorrow, unless someone speaks up and tells me they're overhauling bookmarks or something. :)

Go for it, Cathy ... do you want commit privs on bookmarks?  Would you like to become the bookmarks package czarina for 4.6?
I think it's great that you are contributing to the Bookmarks module!

Lars noticed that the Bookmarks module is no longer package aware, which is something that really surprised me as I know for a fact that the module was package aware when I was done porting it to ACS 4 TCL more than a year ago. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to track down that problem.

I am now using the Bookmarks module on PostgreSQL to manage my own bookmarks and I have noticed that the Bookmarks hierarchy sometimes breaks. I haven't investigated if the hierarchy is broken in the database or if it's just the amazingly complex tree query on the index page that is broken.

I can't promise that I'll have time to do too much work on the Bookmarks module before the next release. However, I still have an interest in the package and would also be interested in commit rights. The good thing about me using the package on a daily basis is that unless I fix some of these bugs my own bookmarks will be in a mess - that should be a good enough incentive for me 😊

4: Bookmarks bugs (response to 1)
Posted by Cathy Sarisky on
Hi Peter,

Don and I talked about this yesterday, and contacting you has been on my to-do list. I don't have any experience with oracle or access to an install (yet), so I definitely can't take on the whole package. I haven't seen the hierachy break yet. (Beyond annoyances like sub folders showing up in the middle of the contents of a folder - which violates what I *think* it should do, but is not high on my to-fix list.)

It looks to me like Bookmarks is at least sort of subsite aware. MY bookmarks show up regardless of which mount point I'm looking at, but others' bookmarks do not. At least that's my conclusion from 2 mins of playtime.

Ok, correction time. (Now in my 3rd minute.) You can ignore what I said up there about hierarchies not breaking or subsites working. I shouldn't post before 5am.

Mounting a second bookmarks instance and adding a new folder and bookmark in the second instance screws up the displayed hierarchy in both subsites. It adds a second root folder with the same tree_sortkeys, which goofs display of the bookmarks up in a major way.

So it looks like we have at least the following issues with at least the postgres version:

  • We need to track down and stomp the query with the lack of subsite awareness. That's where the hierarchy problem is coming from, at least THIS example of the hierarchy problem.
  • We need to figure out how bookmarks should behave with subsites. Displaying users' bookmarks only in the subsite they were added in seems sensible. Displaying ALL of the owner's bookmarks (regardless of instance) doesn't seem all bad to me, but displaying all of a user's bookmarks in all subsites is Bad, especially if people are building subsites with very different topics. I could sort of go either way on having all the owner's bookmarks available regardless of mount point. Other opinions? (From looking at the code, it's probably easier to confine viewing of the owner's bookmarks to the subsite they were created in.)
  • It would be nice if someone with an Oracle install could check if the Oracle version has these issues also.
  • I have some undeletable bookmarks in my current install. That may be related to the broken hierarchy problem.
  • There's a bug report in SDM that you can see even private bookmarks in the "popular sites" display. Sounds like the query needs to be tweaked.
Peter, Do you have more problems to add to the list? Or things on that list that you already have fixes for or would like to fix? And would you want to handle the oracle side?

Donb, regarding commit privs for bookmarks, I'm happy to commit, or to have Peter commit, or we can both commit, for that matter, as long as SOMEONE is committing the bookmarks patches.

Ok, Insomnia fixed. I'm going back to bed now.