Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Bookmarks patch available for browsing other users' bookmarks

I think it's great that you are contributing to the Bookmarks module!

Lars noticed that the Bookmarks module is no longer package aware, which is something that really surprised me as I know for a fact that the module was package aware when I was done porting it to ACS 4 TCL more than a year ago. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to track down that problem.

I am now using the Bookmarks module on PostgreSQL to manage my own bookmarks and I have noticed that the Bookmarks hierarchy sometimes breaks. I haven't investigated if the hierarchy is broken in the database or if it's just the amazingly complex tree query on the index page that is broken.

I can't promise that I'll have time to do too much work on the Bookmarks module before the next release. However, I still have an interest in the package and would also be interested in commit rights. The good thing about me using the package on a daily basis is that unless I fix some of these bugs my own bookmarks will be in a mess - that should be a good enough incentive for me 😊