Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to designs... opinion please

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
As I think a lot of people (including me) get a little bit stressed out by the minor differentiations in the design, wouldn't it be possible to just call it a night and conduct a poll, starting on monday night, choosing between the two Alex and the two colour schemes. Seriously, we are not applying for a graphic contest. Just get it out and ready so we can launch with a new set of .adps. The longer we discuss, the less likely it will be that a new design will come out in the near future, as I think both Carl and Jun have other things to do as well, but changing designs every couple of hours.
Well, I agree with Malte. I don't mind which design is chosen but I want us to get it over with. A lot of people have contributed to this discussion/effort and it seems that we're reaching closure. I've talked to Jun at #openacs and emailed Don and we are ready to set a poll. If there are no serious objections, I will setup a poll by Monday afternoon. The options are only based on the color scheme. Here are the options as far as I can tell from this thread: Option 1 dog does not count it will use the more alex like dog of option 3.

Option 2 is Carl's color scheme. Jun have put in the real Alex on option 3 which will be used since Carl wants an Alex looking dog.

So only the color scheme is to be decided -- the basic design is done. If there are no serious objections by tomorrow, I'll setup the poll and announce it on the forums.