Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to Request for Comment: dotLRN Technology Governance

Let me say something about .WRK:
  • Should there be or could there be such a thing as .WRK? Absolutely.
  • Would the .LRN governance mechanisms apply to it? Absolutely Not.
  • Can someone take .LRN applets and distribute it with other pieces and call it .WRK. Absolutely Not.
  • Can someone take a .LRN applet or all of .LRN and distribute it as .MINE? Absolutely.
  • Can someone write code, not have it reviewed, and distribute it as a .LRN applet? Absolutely Not.
  • Can someone package a distribution with non-canonical .LRN code and and call the distribution .LRN? Absolutely Not.
To me what's important is that we build the brand .LRN and that the brand should come to mean something.