Forum .LRN Q&A: Response to admin portals not being displayed correctly plus fix


Before I removed the -render_style param from the call to dotlrn::render_page in /dotlrn/www/one-community-admin.tcl, whenever I click on "control panel", everything is displayed but without the template applied.  This means that I see them as plain text, without the borders, colors and the shade and hide icons.  When I removed the -render_style parameter, then the correct template is now being displayed.

I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but it happens on 3 separate installations here at the office.  It was already like this since I started with my first install a couple of months ago and it just made me wonder a couple of days ago when I tried http://myserver/portal/admin on my server and I can see a different look for the "class_pretty_name Administration Portal" for all classes/clubs.