Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Open 4.6 items & project status

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
I suppose it's obvious by now that Neophytos has kindly offered to take over the mechanics of organizing work on this and the next (I hope) release?
I would gladly help organize the work for the next release as well. If I ever become the bottleneck I would gladly let someone else take this job.
The todo list is a good idea. Sometime it would be nice to integrate Ben's old todo package into 4.x so everyone could have their own personalized TODO portlet on their home page, staring them in the face every day :)

I don't expect core changes for this quick release, I want to start 4.7 planning in parallel with this release effort though.

Of course, you know I agree about starting 4.7 planning in parallel with this release.

However, it's important that we make the development process open and *transparent* to the community. I've kindly requested that those of us who are working on and/or maintaining a package post here as a first step in that direction.

I know it might be boring for some of you but please do take the time and post no matter how obvious it might be that you're working on a package. I also understand that you've been briefing Don about your progress but I'm sure Don would also prefer that you post here instead of mining the huge batch of emails he receives every day.

[Roberto, thank you very much for enabling the general-comments package -- looks great. If Jun agrees, we can move the "Top 20 things..." document in our development area.]