Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Open 4.6 items & project status

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on

Here is a list of packages that I have worked on and plans for 4.6:

  • acs-content-repository
    • remove RI workaround triggers (or make them conditional on pg version if we are still supporting pg 7.1)
    • Add xml import/export support of content revisions
    • Test rule dropping for custom content types
    • Add drop column support for custom content types (pg 7.2 feature)
    • Eliminate java code
  • acs-kernel
    • cleanup of sql code (naming conventions)
    • Get rid of data-change violation workaround code.
    • Eliminate java code dir
  • acs-templating - convert template db api to std api
  • acs-workflow (since this has been ported to a newer version, I'm assuming that somebody else is maintaining it)
  • Openfts - finish release of 0.33 version for tcl module
  • CMS - convert template db api to std api.

Mostly these are cleanup items that I put off after the initial porting effort. In addition, I'm taking advantage of new features now offered in pg 7.2.