Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Open 4.6 items & project status

Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
I look forward to seeing the some new ideas on workflow, and yes, I'll take a look at the broken data model pieces for file-storage.

Just for general information, the CR has some useful information which is good to review before creating new content types. Developers should look at packages/acs-content-respository/www/doc/object-model.html. The CR object model documentation states the following:

" You define new content types as subtypes of Content Revision, not of Content Item. This is because new content types are characterized by their attributes, which are stored at the revision level to make changes easy to audit. Custom content types typically do not require additional unaudited attributes or methods beyond those already provided by the Content Item type. It is thereful almost never necessary to create a custom subtype of Content Item itself. "

In addition, it contains the following diagram which is useful for understanding the CR content object hierarchy:

Notice, as Don has stated, that custom content types should inherit from content_revision, not content_item.