Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Re: Host-node map, acs-subsite, cookies, and registrations.

Hi Dave,

I've found that when I setup a second domain in addition to, say, and map it to a subsite, it's pretty much unusable: =

  1. My breadcrumb links return 404s since they are looking for not
  2. Notifications links do not work (for same reason as #1)
  3. Any e-mails or links site wide that use the SystemURL in the Kernel parameters most likely will not work, or at least will not display (which I might like for vanity reasons)
  4. If a login is required for the mapped-subsite, the redirect enters an infinite loop trying to get to

The subsites are such a great mechanism, what have admins done in the past when they want to host separate domains pointing to different permissioned subsites?