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How does acs-subsite interact with the host-node map and with cookies? I'm seeing some strange behavior with a subsite that has been mapped with the host-node map--infinite redirections especially when logins expire.  Is ForceHostP recommended for configurations where the host-node map points to a subsite?

I seem to recall asking this or a similar question previously--if a user registers on an openacs site, but registers from the subsite index page, the user does not appear to become a member of the subsite automatically.  Is this by design, or is it a bug?

Is notifications subsite-aware?  In lars-blogger and forums
specifically the "request notifications" link returns a 404 because it is trying to go to http://siteurl/subsite/notifications/request-new, but I have not mounted notifications in the subsite--the file says it is a singleton.  Is it OK to force mount notifications again under the subsite?


At least in 5.0, double-mounting notifications is a no-go.  Not positive about 5.1, however.  See this thread for some more issues:

I've also seen problem with host-node map. There needs to be a function that returns a url to a node that takes into account host-node map and it needs to be used in places that create absolute urls. There are other problems also like you can't get to api-doc anymore. To make it really work would be a lot of work. I use the main site only for adminstration and use host node map  subsites that don't require a login. It seems to work fine for that.
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I see the same problem.

All singletons/applications mounted at the mainsite (Api-doc, acs-lang, notification, etc) are unavailable when using the the host-node-map to redirect to a subsite. Use case: is redirected by host-node-map to This makes unaware of and of all its mounted packages.

Did you come up with a solution or have any idea where to correct the URL handling for this.

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Even /global/file-not-found.html isn't served AFAICS (oacs 5.1.)
Any progress on this? It seems such a great feature - it would be a shame to let it continue as broken for subsites requiring a login.


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Many issues were raised in this thread, I am not sure what you are trying to fix here.

There are probably a few places that do need to be fixed, mainly any package that can be mounted a singleton should be subsite aware and allow itself to me used once per subsite, ie: notificaitons, general-comments, search.

I think search works, but others may not.

Hi Dave,

I've found that when I setup a second domain in addition to, say, and map it to a subsite, it's pretty much unusable: =

  1. My breadcrumb links return 404s since they are looking for not
  2. Notifications links do not work (for same reason as #1)
  3. Any e-mails or links site wide that use the SystemURL in the Kernel parameters most likely will not work, or at least will not display (which I might like for vanity reasons)
  4. If a login is required for the mapped-subsite, the redirect enters an infinite loop trying to get to

The subsites are such a great mechanism, what have admins done in the past when they want to host separate domains pointing to different permissioned subsites?


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Any idea when we're going to have such functionality?

Best wishes

Dave - didn't Jeff introduce a new ad_conn property to help address this?
Has this been fixed? It would be a shame if host-node mapping did not work.
One way to make this work, is to create some internal redirects to the right pages.

IE: you can customie /register and /notifications etc to internally redirect to the right page, and mount these redirects under the proper subsites.

A more fundamental fix is harder.

Adding a redirect for /notifications worked fine.

But /register failed:

Always redirects to:

Which makes it impossible to template, or operate it as a distinct area.

Any ideas?

Hi there,

Any idea when we're going to have such functionality?

Best wishes

The development has to be driven by people having need for subsites/host-node-maps and which are willing to invest resources into this issue. These kind of people seem to be rare. Maybe this will become interesting for us in the future, but don't hold your breath.