Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Open 4.6 items & project status

Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
The repository approach would allow Lars to finish bugtracker and release it (say) after 4.6 but before 4.7 for instance.
Of course. All application packages could be released independently but I guess this won't be such a good idea for services.

Lars could even start a .BUGTRACKER consortium if he wanted to :)

One question though is how we should adapt our development model. For example, would Lars submit open items in the todo list? How would one contribute or ask for features to the bugtracker (email Lars or post to the forums if that's our development model)? I suppose what I'm asking is whether .LRN/.XYZ would someday become part of the OpenACS CVS tree but at the same time not subject to the development model of the project.

[I only mention Lars here as an example since you mention him.]