Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Embedding xowiki portlets in different packages

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Pablo,

Take a look at

The portlets with content like Welcome, Featured Product etc. are XOWiki pages.

Is this what you are looking to do?

Posted by Pablo Moreno-Ger on
Yes, something very similar to that.

There would be a few sections that look like regular content to users, but admins get an extra "edit" button that allows, well, edition (or the "view" button from the current portlet, both are reasonable options).

How did you implement that? Are you using Gustaf's portlet?

BTW, I had been playing with that desktop early this morning not knowing it was wiki content. It's great!

Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Hi Pablo,

I've uploaded what could be the next version of the web desktop you saw on our mashups page.

Take a look at lib/portalelement.adp and lib/portalement.tcl. You will see a switch. Case 2 will show you how we grab the xowiki content.

The code is originally by Deds Castillo which I think he derived from Gustaf's portlet code in xowiki.

I hope this helps.


Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Just to add, you'll see that you'll need the item id to be able to fetch the content.

In index.tcl at the bottom, you will see some code that attempts to fetch a list of XoWiki pages from the xowiki instance mounted on a subsite.

Good Luck.

Hi Hamilton,

I'd like to try your ajax-portal package, but it requires version 0.4d of ajaxhelper, wich is not available in the CVS repository.

Could you kindly commit an updated version?


My apologies. There are a couple of things I need to update before I commit it to cvs head.

However, I have uploaded it to file storage below.

Please be advised that ajax-portal is very much work in progress and isn't really ready for public consumption. It will take a bit to get it to work after installation.

If you encounter problems and you're stumped, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

Hi Hamilton,

I have AjaxHelper version 0.3d installed on an OpenACS 5.1.4. I followed the portal mashup tutorial to get the fading effects for portlets however in doing so it has become impossible to modify any custom portlets. Something to do with the javascript libraries conflicting with the javascript html editor - it gets rather messy and crashes the browser (Firefox and IE)? Thought I'd let you know as it could be a major bug for anyone who uses custom portlets.