Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Bug Stomp! (13th & 14th july)

Posted by Victor Guerra on
Test case files__check_upgrade_ordering (acs-tcl) is failling since there are 2 upgrade scripts that are not well ordered.

acs-content-repository: upgrade-5.2.0d15-5.2.0a1.sql
acs-kernel: upgrade-5.1.5-5.2.0a1.sql

I think the solution here is to remove those scripts and create new ones that follow the right order. For example in the case of acs-content-repository there would be a new script named: upgrade-5.2.0d18-5.2.0d19.sql wichi includes the sql scripts defined in upgrade-5.1.5-5.2.0a1.sql.

Any comments?

Posted by Byron Linares on
I am working in Test case datamodel__named_constraints (acs-tcl) , and finding a group of constraints that violates constraint naming standard and need to be fixed. Steps needed to fix this:
  • Create upgrade scripts to change current constraints names
  • Change creation scripts in order to have correct name constraints for fresh installations
  • Fix funcion content_type__create_type for pg and content_type.create_type for oracle to create constraints of tables created automatically whit the estandar form
now the test case only checks the _pk,_fk,_un,_ck constraints, i think that is necessary to add the _nn constraint.
Posted by Don Baccus on
BTW folks are in IRC (#openacs), you should join us (though I'll be taking off for a couple hours soon).

Anyway, our consensus is that you needn't bother with upgrade scripts. Let's just make the fresh installs pass the AA tests. Constraint naming errors don't really break anything, just make it harder to find which constraint died if you don't use unique names, and without a standard naming convention people tend to duplicate names.

So if you want to take on the last two items you've listed, that's sufficient.

And will be greatly appreciated!