Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Res: Do NOT change oacs-5-2 package required by .LRN

Posted by Dario Roig on
In the university of Valencia we are preparing the installation of .LRN for course 2006/2007, we initiated in September.

Day 13 we unloaded the branch 5_2 of cvs and are testing it. To that we can sent the detected errors?

We have tried to solve this reported error, the bug was sent the date
2005-10-25 by Rafael Calvo:

The changes for solve this bug are, in

Add new paramater "ImageUploadTypes"
---original code ---
element create img upload \
-datatype file \
-widget file \
-label {File} \
-html [list accept [parameter::get -parameter ImageUploadTypes]] \
-validate [list img_type \
{test_file_type [ns_queryget upload.tmpfile]} \
"Image must be one of the following types:
[parameter::get -parameter ImageUploadTypes]" \

Add in the packages required, image-magick:
The package news "image-choose.tcl" use the package image-magick

--original code ---
if { [form is_valid img] } {
form get_values img upload
set srcfile [ns_queryget upload.tmpfile]
set imgfile [ImageMagick::tmp_file]
ImageMagick::convert \
-geometry [parameter::get -parameter ImageGeometry] \
-output_format [parameter::get -parameter ImageFormat] \
$srcfile $imgfile
element set_value img upload {}
set imgfile [ImageMagick::shorten_tmp_file $imgfile]
set image_url "image-view-tmpfile/$imgfile"
set form_vars [eval "export_form_vars [join $vars] imgfile"]
set mode preview
} else {
set mode form

The image not shown in the news, the changes for solve are, add the var
publish_image in item.adp and item.tcl.

Can I upload the changes to HEAD, please?.