Forum OpenACS Q&A: Wiki vs ETP

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Hi all,

I have noticed a lot of conversation recently about xowiki and how great it is. Would I be well advised to checkout a copy of xowiki and use it for my custom needs instead of using Edit this page?

Would it be compatible with a 5.1 or does it require 5.2?


2: Re: Wiki vs ETP (response to 1)
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Yes, I would highly advise it Mathew (ETP land is very lonely at the moment and you will likely be fixing/finding bugs alone).

You will need at least 5.2 with xotcl-core (see: for install instructions) and if I recall correctly most of the xowiki development is happening on head of the xowiki package so you might want to run the package itself on head or use Gustaf's point releases (he releases them as .apm files).