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Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
Are you happy that there is a concensus among Openacs users that Oracle should be dropped? I, for one, think it's a backward step.
Posted by Simon at TCB on
I share this concern. I've not been that in touch with the community recently, but this comes as a surprise.

What is the driver for this? Technical? Lack of support?

I agree. It would be a giant step backwards.

Looking through recent posts on this topic can I suggest a compromise?

The *core* should continue to support oracle. The packages (with the exception of perhaps a choice few) don't have to.

My thinking here is that future Oracle users are most likely to want to use the OpenACS as platform for building on i.e. most of the packages are pretty irrelevant (and frankly are rarely good enough for likely enterprise users)

I do understand that perhaps the Oracle community is less active here. But without Oracle ACS is pretty much useless to me. We use it for things like test management on oracle databases... there isn't much call for postgres in the enterprise world.

Perhaps the Oracle community is quiet because the parts they use (the core) are pretty stable. So, you have a good stable, enterprise core and you want to drop it? Is that not throwing out the baby with the bathwater?

I've always been of the opinion that its the core that is key to OpenAcs. The packages are just sugar on top, often more work than their worth.

Perhaps we shouldn't be measuring this in terms of numbers of users. I'm trying to put this politely, but are 5 hobbyists the equivalent of 1 enterprise user? Is sheer numbers alone a fair measure? Frankly if you're using it for something quite trivial its a bit of a hammer to crack a nut anyway...

Are there large numbers of bugs or oracle maintenance issues in the core? Is it *really* that much work to maintain oracle for the aspect?

Oh well, if its going I guess its going... nice while it lasted ;) Shame really, still my favourite bit of tech :)