Forum OpenACS Q&A: 3GB of data to upload to file-storage

I there,
I have the need to upload about 3 GB of data to file storage of 12-15 communities. At the moment, zipping it up and transfering it via the web interface really isn't an option - too much data. Has anyone implemented some kind of transfer from local solution where I could place these files into the local file structure and transfer them using scripts to file storage?


Posted by Peter Alberer on
i do not know about file storage but the photo album supports this form of upload, so you could just copy the relevant code sections from there.
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I committed code which allows you to upload a whole directory that resides on your harddrive into a folder, along with subfolders.

I committed this code to oacs-5-2 branch, as this code was originally intended for the person restoring the storage area on (see my posting at:

Don made a decision ("You've also changed file storage in what looks to me like some dubious ways.") to roll the commit back completely, so the only place to get the files is in the attic (

Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Thanks for all the advice,

Maltes, I saw the previous discussion but couldn't find the code, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Webdav seems like it could be a really useful tool too. I'll investigate that for future transfers of this nature.

Sorry to start a different topic on the same thread but can I use photo album or something like that to serve up random images in my dotLRN portal classes. So add links in the adp files of the layouts? It's getting a bit dull without any images and we've been given about 200 to brighten thigns up with!