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Posted by Matthew Coupe on
Hi there,

I've noticed that on the standard dotLRN install (we have 2.1.1) the community logos don't seem to be working. Is this something that is fixed in the dotLRN master of theme selva to use the logos set via the community control panel?

Also, has anyone set a dotLRN to use icons for the applets? We're doing some testing on a new theme we're implementing at the moment and we would really like to have icons in there. Dotlrn in general doesn't look too visually appealing.

Last thing, I promise! In re-doing the look adn feel and introducing a new layout and new custom links as a part of the header it's become apparent that finding your way around dotLRN without frequent trips to My Space is not too easy. Has anyone got a dotLRN running which perhaps has permanent links to a users communities and classes? I can't seem to find the right proc for creating a clickable list of someones areas which I can perhaps turn into a dropdown in the header.

2: Re: icons and logos (response to 1)
Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on

Regarding community logos, theme-selva doesn't fix it. Selva is using a logo that can be set with the logoUrl parameter of the package but it's only one logo for all communities.

Community logos doesn't work neither in 2.1.3, nor 2.2.0 releases of dotLRN :(.